What You Might Not Know About JonBenet’s Murder Might Shock You.

16 Things The Ramsey’s Don’t Want You To Know About JonBenet’s Murder. You can’t write stuff like this, the day after Christmas in a mansion in Boulder, Colorado there lay little JonBenet Ramsey bludgeoned and strangled under a white sheet in her basement. The case was a media frenzy from the day it broke, however,

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JonBenet Ramsey was killed by her ‘violent’ older brother in a row over a midnight snack of pineapples and her parents covered it up, shock crime show claims. sleuth James Kolar says tiny JonBenet was hit with a torch following row over the fruit.

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It’s the worst thing you could imagine. I was totally shocked. ‘It’s a terrible tragedy and the family are desperate to know.

Here’s a look at what the case facts tell us about who really killed JonBenet ramsey. patsy ramsey claimed to have come downstairs to the kitchen at five o’clock on boxing day morning and found a two-and-a-half page, hand-written ransom note on the landing of their secondary staircase.

Lifetime has three movies and specials regarding the 1996 murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey. The first is Who Killed JonBenet, followed by JonBenet’s Mother: Victim or Killer? and JonBenet 20 Years Later.The Christmas murder of the Boulder, Colorado, child beauty queen has haunted the nation and cast speculation over her immediate family: mother, Patsy Ramsey, father, John Ramsey, and.

Some Things You Might Not Know About JonBenet’s Murder Case. Did you know it was later determined that there had been some unlocked windows and an unlocked door the night of JonBenet’s murder? A basement window was previously broken by John Ramsey when he was previously locked out of the house.

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Here’s Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About The jonbent ramsey murder. The following are 48 facts about the Ramsey family, JonBent’s life, her death, and the overall case surrounding one of the most tragic and disturbing unsolved cases ever to take place in the United States.