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of poor financial performance and condition. As with any financial institution, the biggest risk in microfinance is lending money and not getting it back. The study sought to determine the effect of credit management on the financial performance of Microfinance Institutions in Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive survey design.

Materiality is relative rather than absolute, benchmarks are needed for evaluating materiality, qualitative factors affect materiality decisions, Expected distribution of the financial statements (a lot of users = lower pre judgement, less users = higher pre judgement), the level of acceptable audit risk.

the company can also affect the financial performance of the company by creating the situation of un-satisfaction. In the same manner, there are different ways that can be used by the primary stakeholders in order to affect the financial performance of the company (Lewis, 2011).

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To boost your business’ performance you need to understand and monitor the key "drivers" of your business – a driver is something that has a major impact on your business. There are many factors affecting every business’ performance, so it is vital to focus on a handful of these and monitor them carefully.

Profitability is the ratio to measure the performance of the company. It is a main aspect in a company’s financial reporting. The profitability of a company shows a company’s ability to generate earnings for a certain period at a rate of sales, assets and certain of capital stock.

Internal Factors Affecting the Performance of a Business. If consumers are clamoring for what you sell but you can’t deliver it efficiently, you’ll lose opportunities to grow, expand, maximize your products and even keep your doors open. Knowing what internal aspects of your operation to keep on top of will help you run the most profitable business possible.

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How Will The 4th Industrial Revolution Affect Your Business?. Manufacturing companies are being driven by a number of impactful market trends affecting their business:. we will explore the impact of these factors as well as the evolution of technology that will fundamentally change the way.

Second, we’ll look at its ROCE compared to similar companies. Then we’ll determine how its current liabilities are affecting its ROCE. and does not take account of your objectives, or your.