Flooding protocol in the works for Spring Valley

SPRING VALLEY – Spring Valley’s water department is putting together a safety protocol for flooding. After flooding of the Illinois River last week, City Engineer Mike Richetta came up with a spread sheet showing river stages to use as the city’s new water surface elevation for the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

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Flood Emergency Plan Guidance & Template – NPPF Page 5 Flood Emergency Plan Guidance & Template – NPPF Version 2.0 (Jul 2012) (including the maintenance of signs and keeping evacuation routes clear). consideration should be given to the road network around the site, especially if these are more likely to flood first and therefore affect

On March 17 and 18, 1936, the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, witnessed the worst flood in its history when flood levels peaked at 46 feet (14 m). This flood became known as The Great St. Patrick’s Day flood, and also affected other areas of the Mid-Atlantic on both sides of the Eastern Continental Divide .

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(Photo by Jonno Rattman) This situation, called subsidence, worries the California Department of Water Resources and many.

The Coloradoan interviewed residents of Poudre Valley, Parklane, Hickory Village and Skyline. One park closed after the 1997 Spring Creek Flood and was eventually replaced by student housing.

Water re-entered many buildings which had just been restored from the previous flood. 1942 flood most devastating The most devastating flood in Spring Valley was yet to come. It began Sept. 16, 1942, starting with a minor flood that caused some damage, but more importantly, saturated the area so the soil could hold no more.

The snow drought will strain farmers in the Central Valley. springs and drier summers. That means the region will.

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Indiana Underwater: The Flood of 1913 This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1913 flood that struck the Midwest. In a period of just two days (march 24th and March 25th) Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York experienced tornadoes and the equivalent of two to three months worth of rain.

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